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Fertilizer spreader Rondini SQTF 600

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SQTF 600


Fertiliser led 3rd point.

With oscillating tube.

Constant lubrication in oil bath of the distributor unit.

Capacity: 530 lt

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The company Rondini proposing its spreaders oscillating tube, offers a range of products distinguished by real technical advantages. In fact, this particular system, it allows you to spread or seeding in an extremely precise and uniform fertilizer, seed or other, in a quantity of different types and at the same time, because unlike traditional models slinger, does not separate the products with different specific weight .
It is also able to spread without problems, fertilizers in powder or other products with a moisture content up to 30%.


Designed to last a long time even in very humid and corrosive climate, all parts in direct contact with the product to spread were constructed of suitable materials, namely:
- FRAME STRUCTURE: of sturdy tubular steel protected with polyester powder painting with oven-dried at 2OO ° C.
- HOPPER CONTAINING PRODUCT: fiberglass reinforced with cold-formed at low pressure.
- SPOUT spreader: in nylon reinforced with glass fibers.
- DISCO FALL PRODUCT DOSAGE: stainless steel AISI 304.
The group commuter, which is the heart of this spreader is constructed only with materials of 1st, and has been designed with modern concepts, in fact differs markedly from all other products on the market as all moving parts are constantly lubricated in an oil bath, thus avoiding any seizures.
Finally, the launch tube has been studied in such a way that with its simple rotation, it can be spread even just to the right or the left.